Monday, December 5, 2011

MAINx24: A Sixties Fashion Show

Saturday I returned to my street fashion blogging roots when Chattanooga hosted MAINx24. The subject of my very first blog's fourth posting, Glamour In The Garden was the 2008 event's fashion show. Little did I then know that one year later, Sondra and Travis Aten would co-produce with me a radically different, Wes Anderson-themed show of vintage and upcycled looks. South side Chattanooga applauded our theatricality and a tradition was born. The Atens put together a Tim Burtonesque feature last year and, for 2011, collaborated with Zombi Candi for an over-the-top, John Waters inspired celebration of hair, hot rods, hair products and sundry sixties stuff. For more runway images and some looks behind the scenes, please follow this link.


DELETED said...

The hair styling is unbelievable! I love how you captured the movement of the dress in the second picture!

Ruby's said...

I love the one in ice blue dress :)

Rai said...

These are fantastic!

skippysays said...

That white and blue dress and the one right below it are both pretty much my idea of perfection :)

Abby said...

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