Friday, July 2, 2010

Mixed News

Those of you who may have received this email,
or who know of someone who did, have my sympathy.
The competition was keen, but only because we live
where such work is rewarded. Chosen or not, all of us
benefit when making a difference is encouraged.
Being the first to blog street styles in Chattanooga has
been great fun. My wonderful wife's career will soon see
us in Atlanta, where it is my hope to apply lessons
learned here. Thanks to all of you who have appeared
here and to those who have followed this endeavor.
Please look for a few more postings and perhaps a shout
to someone who would continue the practice.


leo's said...

We'll miss you Cameron!! I'll be sure to check out your future blogging (Are going to continue with a new blog in your new locale??)
Thanks for always stopping by the shop & chatting fashion, zines & such with me. : ) Be sure to visit lil Chattanooga.
I did indeed get a grant! Watch out for an amazing collection of Astronette apparel this year. Sustainable & organic fabrics!!

Cameron said...


Leproust Vintage said...

I hope that you have a wonderful and seamless move and transition to Atlanta. I am looking forward to seeing some ATL street styles!

When are you and your wife planning on coming to the GAOC exhibit?

Cameron said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Looking forward to Atlanta street styles and hoping this time to make it pay. We are not likely to have more than a day to give Nashville for GAOC because finding temporary digs in Roswell comes first. Much remains to be done before our new life begins July

Laura Jane said...

wow—lots of news indeed.

Congrats to Astronette, and to you and your wife. I too am eager to see Atlanta street styles.

Good luck with the move!


Colleen Carboni said...

We will miss you, Cameron. Your time here in Chattanooga was too short. You were really making a mark. Best wishes on your new life in Atlanta.