Thursday, January 14, 2010

Southside Stroll

While the cold snap may have limited early January postings to three, the 'blog counter recorded hundreds of visitors. Thanks for keeping the faith. With the arrival of today's warmth
came the time to see and be seen. The Chattanoogan found much to admire in an afternoon walk down Broad and Market Streets.
"I feel like a mad bag lady who wanted to be a flower child," she said of these colorful layers, adding that her grandmother had made the dress. The world is a better place for such bohemian madness.
Like his Monday counterpart, this fellow chose to set off one pop of color against a monochromatic scheme. Catching themes like turquoise shoes is a street style blogger's reward.
"It's an old school, 80's metal guitar," he told me. Tone control gives it electronic or acoustic overtones, but those sharkfin frets just plain rock. Listen here.


Audrey said...

this is quite possibly my favorite picture of abigail. she always looks amazing.
the colors are lovely.

Cameron said...

You are too kind. People like Abigail bring so much to this blog.