Thursday, December 10, 2009

More MAINx24 Fashion Show @ The Choo Choo from Wire Hangers

Once again, The Chattanoogan is pleased to post a link to another new style blog, Wire Hangers. 2009 is looking more and more like a watershed year for local fashion.


Cameron said...

Love how his yellow tie chimes with her yellow tights. Well seen!

Wire Hangers said...

Thanks for the add! We noticed that a couple of our friends have been placed on this blog....what a thrill to have such stylish friends! Just a small wonderment...anyway that you could link our blog under this picture? That would be fantastic!

Cameron said...

The picture already is a link to your set from the event. I'll add one to the blog itself. You and Jank is Swank make welcome additions to the scene. Covenant and the local nightlife are among the loads of places I cannot cover, so happy hunting.