Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning

Mondays are under-rated. Today The Chattanoogan presents two stylish portraits from the southside, both encountered before 9am. His blue and brown palette offers a muted counterpoint to her vibrant, autumn orange. Urbane folk aboard city bikes have captured the attention of 'blogs like Copenhagen Cycle Chic, Portland's vélocouture and Vélo Vogue in San Francisco.

The MAINx24 cup sleeve reminds us that twelve days remain 'til that party 'round the clock. Please make time for the 4pm Fashion Show at The Choo Choo, a co-production of The Chattanoogan and Collective Clothing, whose model looks will be inspired by Wes Anderson films. Crafters Tobi Gray Weldon and Karen Rudolph will provide accessories. Dressmakers Erin Burnap and Kimara Dawn have graciously fitted our event to their busy schedules.

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