Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A native Ugandan, he wore a suit of kitenge fabric that gleamed a golden hue this morning on Broad Street.


Marie said...

great details.

I would love to do the poster... what exactly are you looking for? would you like a watercolor of some models, or a pen and ink drawing with some colored pencil detales? how about mixed media?

Cameron said...

Brilliant! Media is best left to you. That said, the simpler the better. It should be a compelling, glamourous lure reflecting Sondra's eclectic, haute vintage theme. (Wes Anderson/The Royal Tennenbaums) Check the blog for a poster from Goodwill event "Dogs Do The Catwalk". An unexpected, broken car ignition lock has stranded me in Knoxville since Friday-no Halloween for me and I missed seeing Leigh as Raggedy Ann : (
I plan to begin organizing in ernest later this week.
ps Can you tell this gentleman was yet another Greyfriars find?

Cameron said...

Please keep poster proportions to standard office paper in the interests of ease and economy ; )
adams (dot) cameron (at) gmail (dot) com