Friday, April 10, 2009

North Shore

Both young ladies appeared within minutes of each other this morning. First came the earth tones assembled from an aunt's gift of a tweed jacket, Great American thrift vest and a blouse from an Old Navy closeout sale. A friend in Texas sent the hat. Her complement found the black dress at T. J. Maxx and used the savings to splurge on a bag and shoes from Prada.

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Vj , Messy, Ned, Jacko,Veej said...

Always the way huh?! Some days you can walk around for ages looking for someone "just right" to photograph and then other days "BAM!" one after the other!!!!
Re the first beautiful girl with her cute doggie: I get that a lot in London "oh, I'm just wearing vintage or High Street clothes but my bag (or shoes)- well, its by 'xxx' designer".
Interestingly, I read an article about Manolo Blahnik this afternoon and he states that he LOVES seeing girls in his shoes that have saved up for them or bought them on sale as opposed to women who already have 40 of the same in their closets and can afford to buy his shoes all the time.