Wednesday, December 10, 2008

on Broad Street

The Stella is based upon old school Vespas and makes a fine ride to the coffee shop. Scarf, leather jacket and Dr. Martens are de rigueur.


Vj , Messy, Ned, Jacko,Veej said...

Cameron, are you seeing lots more of the "kids" over there wearing Dr Martens??? There seems to be a BIG revival happening over here in London. The newest is a pair with heels (for the girls!): I have seen two pairs in the last couple of days.

Cameron said...

Boots are the Tennessee favorite footwear. This region is southeastern with a touch of the midwest. Clark's Wallabees in suede are the English shoe revival here. I would love to see more Dr. Martens, having sported a pair of their wingtips in my Vespa riding days.